Molasses is distilled to produce different kinds of alcohol and our company produces 3 kinds of alcohol:

Rectified spirit (RS) - It is highly concentrated ethanol which has been purified by means of repeated distillation, a process that is called rectification. It typically contains 95% alcohol by volume (ABV) is used in making potable liquor.

Extra neutral alcohol (ENA) - The Potable  alcohol is a triple distillated alcohol with negligible impurities to be  used in the high cosmetic industry, perfumeries as well as for the production of high end IMFL.

Denatured spirit (SDS) - It is unpalatable form of alcohol. Denatured alcohol is used as a solvent, by chemical industires for making polymers and as fuel for spirit burners and camping stoves.

Ethanol or Power Alcohol: We are also manufacturing fuel grade alcohol which is used in blending with Petrol. At present 5% blending of Power Alcohol has been made mandatory by Govt. of India. The alcohol is sold to Oil companies under Tender system floated every year by them.