Awareness Programs


Awareness Programs

Awareness Programs

Best practices on farming are communicated and reemphasized to the grower community through various mean on a continued basis. Some of the prominent ones are -

SMS & leaflets-SMS & leaflets are distributed across various locations to promote the farming practices and other communication. Each unit distribute leaflets to disseminate the message of best cane production techniques and also package of practices to increase sugarcane productivity in per unit area & time.SMS are also send for the same. Different issues like eradication of area under rejected variety & planting of early & general high sugared variety are also stretched out through leaflets (Posters & pamphlets).Leaflets are printed in such attracted manner & easy understandable language so that farmer can easily adopt the technique.

Outdoor: Messages put up on prominent site of villages on different issues like eradication of obsolete rejected , promotion of high sugared, early maturing varieties etc. Wall painting is done to capture the continuous attention of the growers.

Road Show– Announcement of various farming practices to be followed along with distribution of pamphlet and personal guidance. This Rally is organized for full day on major routes of our command area.

Nukkad Natak: To achieve our break through targets for the current season, Cane department focused on some selected early & general varieties which are high sugared & yielding and also elimination of rejected varieties. Multidirectional efforts are being done for the same. One of the most convencing and effective form of Propaganda is Nukkad Drama & puppet Show. We hire a Nukkad Drama team to disseminate our messages among grower communities .Out of 416 villages in reserved zone of each sugar unit; we have adopted 45 villages from which we fetch maximum supply in last 3 years. So the scope to work in these 45 villages is much more. We also identify other 15 villages which are having good scope for betterment. The Nukkad Drama was played in all 60 identified villages to make better understanding among growers. Some time it is generally seen that an individual or a community are unable to adopt new idea or innovation but with entertainment & practical approach they can. Dramas ensure successful communication among farmer in their local dialect. The long term cultural issue like staleness in cane quality i.e.; more time from cut to crush was also tackle through these plays. The perspective message was suggested by Cane Team to drama players. And they incorporate these messages in lucrative, simple, short, story & present in local dialect easily understandable by all villagers even illiterate also.