Sugar Industry India

Our Vision

We strive to consistently surpass expectations of all stakeholders

Our Vision

We want to be among the top two producers in the industries that we operate in.

We believe that sugar sector holds immense potential in providing food & energy security for the country which is going to be one of the most important developmental prerequisites in next 5-10 years. This potential can only be realized with the right mix of regulations, connect with the farmers, modernization and professionalization of the industry. We are committed to working towards making this happen.

With an integrated revenue model, a strong and entrenched presence in the sugar industry, we foresee a future with significant unlocking of value and sustained rewards for our team, our vendors, our stakeholders and the communities we work in. We seek wider vistas of opportunities and intend to create new horizons in our business with our achievements.

We continue to seek improved productivity in the sugar business with improved varieties of cane, higher farm yields and efficient crushing. We shall be at the forefront of technological and process innovations in the industry and Dalmia would be the most trusted brand and a house hold name in the country.

We are focused on becoming a significant player in the green energy field and will seek opportunities to expand our wind portfolio and crystallize our ambitions to set up the solar energy project at Jodhpur in Rajasthan.